piveau is a data management ecosystem for the public sector.

It provides components and tools to support the entire data processing chain from harvesting, aggregation, provision, and use.

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piveau is a data management platform for the public sector. It can be applied to create high-performance Open Data portals and custom data management systems. By using open standards and cloud technologies piveau can be easily integrated into existing environments and used together with established applications.


Thanks to the DataFlow process engine, piveau is particularly easy to adapt to new requirements.

Open standards

piveau consistently focuses on open standards and high interoperability.

Modern architecture

By using modern architectural principles, piveau is well prepared for the future.


Due to its modular structure, the piveau platform can easily be expanded with new services.


piveau consists of lightweight components and thus offers particularly powerful solutions even with low system resources.


piveau is designed for use in the cloud and reacts reliably and quickly to unforeseen access peaks.


piveau consus makes it easy to import, process and store data or metadata in a single step - even from external sources (harvesting).


piveau staging supports the internal processes before the actual publication of data.


metrics intensively checks the data according to various quality criteria.


piveau advocat checks the data licenses of the individual data sets and makes them understandable to the owners and users


piveau hub is a lightweight data catalogue for the administration and provision of metadata.


piveau ui is a modern and customizable web interface for the use and administration of extensive data catalogues.


piveau incognito supports users in providing sensitive data.


piveau charts enables user to easily create meaningful visualisations based on tabular data and geodata.

Our consulting services

Do you want to make data records of your organization available to the general public, but don't know how to approach this strategically?

Our experts support you in your data-related projects and plans with strategic and conceptual consulting services. We develop an Open Data strategy that fits your organization, identify and analyze existing data, and design tools and platforms to help you deliver data.

Selection of consulting services

  • Development of data strategies tailored to your needs
  • Inventory analysis of existing data
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Conception of platforms and tools for data supply
  • Evaluation & recommendation of relevant technical solutions

Use cases


Energy transition makes it necessary to adapt the behaviour of energy users to the available energy supply. The decision-making processes of energy users required for such adaptation, which are mostly data-based, require access to relevant information. At the same time, there is a desire to be able to access historical …

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Within the scope of its tasks, public administration collects a large amount of data on a daily basis - the existing database thus grows continuously. The current legal framework stipulates that part of this data must be made freely available to everyone as Open Data. Also in view of the increasing development towards …

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With the emergence of Open Science, the science sector is changing rapidly in the EU and its member states. Publicly funded research is naturally an activity within the wider scope of the public sector. Thus, the outputs of publicly funded research, most notably publications (Open Access) and research data, are …

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Projects and Partners

These projects already use piveau concepts and components:


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